What is Indoor

“The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavour…”

H. Newton



We are a photographic studio specialized in the production of photographic shots for the furniture sector and in the production of 3D photorealistic renderings. The passion for art, photography and communication has been guiding us for almost 30 years. From our first shot, we focused on our main goal: to enhance customers’ products with effective and captivating images.


Our job is to help our clients present themselves to the public in their very best light. We define tailor-made shooting parameters and programmes for each project, according to the product characteristics, marketing strategies and usage contexts involved.


  • concept
  • art direction
  • location choice
  • set up set
  • styling
  • storyboard


  • 3000 m² laying room
  • 8 stage lighting
  • daylight box
  • location service
  • rendering


  • editing
  • compositing
  • printing systems assistance with color verification


pre produzione

At the basis of all our work there is a careful and accurate pre-production, with which we try to translate the customer’s needs into a concept appropriate to his product and marketing strategies. Under the supervision of an art director, we define the set or location and entrust the preparation to the expert vision of a stylist.


produzione foto e video

With 3000 square meters of size, our installation room is one of the largest in Italy and allows us to operate in 8 different sets simultaneously for the creation of photographs and videos. The daylight boxes allow us to take advantage of natural light as the main lighting source for our photographs. The same professionals who work on the creation of the photographs are also employed, together with the rendering operators, in the production of the renders, to obtain accurate and realistic digital images.


produzione foto e video

We work carefully on post-production, which we consider a fundamental step in the creation of photographs, renderings and videos. In this phase we are committed to following the verification of the colors closely by assisting the printing plants, to ensure that the customer receives a complete product that lives up to its expectations.