Selection 05

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Shades of pure white

White has always been associated with powerful symbolism: antiquity, loyalty, purity, integrity and wisdom. It is the sum of all colours, bordering on a form of divine perfection which we try to grasp, as aptly depicted by the slashes in Lucio Fontana’s “Spatial Concept” (1959).


In photography, using white is a bold move because of its brightness, but when used well it can create images that really leave their mark. This colour offers a wide range of shades, depending on the different possible combinations: with wood, it creates a warm and welcoming effect; alongside black, it creates a stark appearance but spellbinding substance.


And let’s not forget soft white forms, full bright light or geometric, minimalist all-white looks with splashes of colour inspired by nature. When combined with clever use of light and harmonious contrasts, the fullness of this colour comes out and it can even transform into shades of another colour like grey.